Power Up “The Secret”!

by Leisa on December 15, 2007

This is one of the most fun tools that I’ve ever used to power up my visualisation and manifesting skills.  I grew up with books like “Creative Visualisation” and have always set goals and done up the old fashioned storyboards where you paste pictures of things to represent your goals – such as places you wanted to travel to, or pictures of a couple in a loving relationship etc.  Then not long ago I found Mind Movies and this just ramps those concepts up to a new level!

With Mind Movies it takes you step by step through the process to create your own mini movie visualisation with affirmations, pictures that represent your statements, and a soundtrack of your choosing.  The finished product is a 3-4 minute personal movie that is incredibly powerful and positive!  And they are such fun to create!  Of course, being me, I’m working on not only a general Mind Movie, but I’m also creating one just for relationships, one for spirituality, and one for career!

Have a look at www.mindmovies.com and be sure to take a look at the library first to see some of the finished products.

Be inspired!  Create your life!



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