What Small Daily Effort Gives Really Big Results?

by Leisa on January 21, 2008

One of the most effective additions to your health regime that can create really outstanding results is the simple art of Dry Skin Brushing.

The lymphatic system is made up of a network of fluid, organs and vessels that drain toxins, debris, pathogens and excess fluid from the spaces around cells. The fluid in the lymph vessels moves through lymph nodes which are purification centres to destroy accumulated waste and pathogens.  Even though lymph vessels run alongside blood vessels, there is no heart to pump the fluid around the body, hence it can stagnate if not moved manually.  This can lead to a build up of toxic waste within the body that can contribute to many chronic health conditions, and can be a factor in cellulite.

Skin brushing is an excellent way to thoroughly cleanse the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system. This technique exfoliates the skin, encourages detoxification and promotes lymphatic drainage.  Not only does it make your skin feel smooth and soft, it stimulates circulation and helps to even out cellulite. You will see results in the texture and appearance of your skin in a matter of days!

Use this routine daily before your shower.

Body Brushing Routine

1) Use a natural fibre brush
2) Brush the soles of the feet
3) On the legs, use upward strokes towards the heart. Spend more time of areas of cellulite
4) Use the same method on the arms
5) Use fast upward movements on the buttocks to get the blood and lymph flowing
6) Stroke the back 3 movements on the right side and then 3 movements down the middle then 3 movements down the left side
7) Use circular clockwise strokes on the abdomen



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