Saliva Hormone Testing Available Online!

by Leisa on February 12, 2008

This is something I’ve been working on for quite some time, and now it has finally launched!

My new website is up and running, and this is something quite new in the health world, and is a very unique health service that many people will find extremely helpful.

With today’s adulterated food, stresses, xeno-oestrogens, pollution, toxic chemicals, pharmaceutical medications and crazy lifestyles, many more people today than ever, are suffering from hormone related health issues.

Knowing that hormones regulate physical development, fertility, libido, metabolism, stress responses, immunity, aging and sleep – there are plenty of areas that can be affected if there is an hormonal imbalance.

Balancing hormones naturally has been an area that I have studied extensively, and I find Saliva Hormone Testing an invaluable tool when it comes to interpreting someone’s symptoms.  It is an excellent guideline as to how their body is coping with life.

Now anyone can have this vital information, and what I am offering to people, is not just the test itself, but my comprehensive analysis of your results.  This comprehensive report is 15-20 pages long, and gives you an enormous amount of information, including an explanation of each hormone, what it does and what effect your level may be having on your health; suggestions as to how to regain your health naturally; other tests that may be helpful to investigate a health issue further; recommended reading and much, much more.

I guarantee you will not find this type of personalised information anywhere else!

Take the time to read more about it at my new website,



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