What is Functional Pathology?

by Leisa on April 3, 2009

Today I am off on a whirlwind trip for ARL Pathology, lecturing at Practitioner Discussion Groups for Doctors and Naturopaths in Adelaide and Perth.

ARL is the leader in the field of what is called “functional pathology”.   Not just looking for overt diseases, their large range of comprehensive tests search for biochemical imbalances that can be affecting a patient’s health.  These tests are an invaluable part of a quality naturopathic clinic and are used by practitioners who are keen to identify problems which may have been overlooked in the past.

The reason I became so involved with ARL testing was due to my work as the consulting naturopath at Hippocrates Health Centre.  People would come to the centre after seeing doctors, specialists, naturopaths and having tried all sorts of diets, regimes and supplements to no avail.  Whilst at the centre and prepared to cleanse and change their diet and lifestyle to heal – they also wanted some answers as to what was going wrong.

This was where the testing came in and was very helpful and pin-pointing specific problems that we could then correct.  I did quite a lot of Saliva Hormone Testing, Stool Analysis, Hair Mineral Analysis, Allergy testing and many others.  Because these tests are looking at different parameters from normal blood tests – a lot more information is able to picked up, and then treatment plans to target the imbalance can be initiated.

I found from this, that the results for the patient were faster and more complete by being able to target treat the problems – especially as they were also dedicated to improving their diet and lifestyle.

By analysing hundreds of tests over the years I came to understand them very well, and recently ARL asked me to head their Practitioner Discussion Groups and introduce several cases where I used the tests, showing the reasons why I used the test, an analysis of the results of the test, the protocols I used, and the results the patient experienced.

It is an enormous amount of fun and I get to meet lots of like-minded practitioners around the country!

There are two of these fantastic tests that I currently analyse for people that can be ordered online.  The test kit is sent out to you and then when the results are back I put together a 20+ page report outlining where the imbalances are and what you can do about them.

They are Saliva Hormone Testing: www.salivahormonereport.com
and Stool Testing for Digestive Health www.digestionhealthreport.com

Go to either of those sites to read more, and order online to receive your own comprehensive personal health analysis.



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Carolyn Packard April 14, 2009 at 12:20 am


Receiving all this information is invaluable and keeps me on track although I need to go to another retreat to be inspired again to eat more raw food.

Leisa April 25, 2009 at 1:56 am

Hi Carolyn,
Another retreat would be great! I have four spots in the May one now available, and I may be coming to Perth in October although that is a long time away! You definitely get inspired at a retreat – and I give away so much information and recipes and we do food prep classes to make it much easier to implement at home.
I hope to see you at one sometime!

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