August 2008


Isn’t this the silliest thing you’ve ever heard? Researchers have found that components in certain fruits such as grapefruit, apples and oranges, can inhibit the uptake of certain drugs through the intestine.  “The concern is loss of benefit of medications essential for the treatment of serious medical conditions” it has been stated. Granted, that may very
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cell phone

Cell Phone Dangers

by Leisa on August 27, 2008

I personally haven’t done a great deal of research on the dangers of mobile phones, but I am quite aware that there are potential problems, so I try not to use mine unless I have to. On Dr. Mercola’s site, he had a good article on those dangers, and a video from an Australian
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G is for Ginger

by Leisa on August 24, 2008

Even though Ginger is not a food, but is classed as a herb, it has such phenomenal healing properties that I had to include it on my list of favourites! Ginger is a common addition to many fresh raw juice recipes, bringing with it an element of heat and improving digestive power.  Ginger is a tonic
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Was This Surgery Really Necessary?

by Leisa on August 21, 2008

I thought it was incredibly sad when I read that Christina Applegate had undergone a double mastectomy for breast cancer.  I thought the days of this barbaric treatment were over – seeing as studies have shown that it is no more effective than a simple lumpectomy anyway – if you choose to go the surgery path
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Words of Wisdom from Ann Wigmore

by Leisa on August 18, 2008

Ann Wigmore was a pioneer of the raw and living foods movement, and helped thousands of people regain their health with the Hippocrates Health Institute program which she founded. I was rereading one of her books today “Be Your Own Doctor. A positive guide to natural living” and I came across these gems of wisdom: “Disease stems from
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TSH Reference Ranges

by Leisa on August 15, 2008

Mary Shomon is a fantastic patient advocate for people with thyroid disorders, educating untold numbers of people through her books and her comprehensive website Like myself and many others, Mary suffered from a thyroid condition that was incorrectly treated, and this led her on a journey to recover her health by finding out more about her
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Stress and Health

by Leisa on August 13, 2008

I know I keep harping on about the relationship between our health, our emotions and stress levels, but it’s a point that has really hit home to me lately because I’ve been in the middle of experiencing it. There’s nothing like learning something really well by going through it yourself, and because I had a
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Yoghurt Substitute

by Leisa on August 10, 2008

One of the most common dairy foods that a lot of people like to eat is yoghurt. Even if they have eliminated a lot of dairy from their diet in the way of milk, cheese and ice-cream – yoghurt still has the perception of being a “health” food. If you are sensitive to dairy then
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Superfoods… Hype or Hope?

by Leisa on August 7, 2008

Here is a great article from the Food Matters newsletter: “Why superfoods? Superfoods are a category of foods found in nature, they are superior sources of essential nutrients – nutrients we need but can’t make ourselves. We all may be adding more salads and vegetables to our diets, but concern for the quality of foods
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Stumbling on Happiness

by Leisa on August 5, 2008

I am an avid reader, and I “stumbled” onto this book a while ago and found it to be an incredibly thought provoking read.  The book is called “Stumbling on Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert, and on the back cover it states: “Vividly bringing to life the latest scientific research in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, philosophy, and
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