G is for Ginger

by Leisa on August 24, 2008

Even though Ginger is not a food, but is classed as a herb, it has such phenomenal healing properties that I had to include it on my list of favourites!

Ginger is a common addition to many fresh raw juice recipes, bringing with it an element of heat and improving digestive power.  Ginger is a tonic for the digestive system, relieving nausea, diarrhoea, and cramps, and can ease the symptoms of the common cold due to its effect on supporting the immune system.

Ginger is a circulatory stimulant, improving the flow of blood to the periphery and warming cold extremities.  It also contains anti-inflammatory properties and is successfully used in treatment for arthritis, for inflammatory conditions such as bursitis and for the treatment of migraines.

It is also a very nutritive herb, being a rich source of proteolytic enzymes which can play a role in managing autoimmune diseases, and assist with the digestion of protein.

One of the best ways to enjoy Ginger is to include it in a fresh juice.  You only need a very small amount and it goes well in a number of different juice recipes.

Try it with carrot, celery and apple or another great combination is to have Ginger with watermelon and lemon.  That particular tonic is fantastic for anyone suffering from arthritis, and by fasting on this juice for a few days a huge reduction in pain can be noticed.

Happy juicing!



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