J is for Juicing!

by Leisa on December 16, 2008

I love juicing.

It is such a boost for the body, drinking those concentrated nutrients and pure water to nourish our cells without our body having to do very much digestive work at all.

The best juices are green, with only small amounts of sugary or sweet vegetables or fruits such as carrot, beetroot or apple.

A lovely cooling summer juice that I enjoy is one that combines cucumber, celery, lemon and a small amount of green apple.  This is high in natural sodium and cools beautifully in the summer heat.  Another cooling and very refreshing combination is watermelon and lemon.

I start every day with 250ml of fresh juice (William is the juice maker!) and it is a brilliant start to every day!

Norman Walker was a great advocate of juicing and he lived well past 100 in good health, so he can’t be too far wrong.  His book Fruit and Vegetable Juices is an excellent resource for all types of juices to suit the healing of different disorders.

Juicing is also a wonderful way to fast and restore nutritive elements to the body whilst resting the digestive system, and “juice feasting” has become very popular.

A good juicer helps, and any of the masticating juicers usually do a great job.

A juice a day keeps the doctor away :-)



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