Simple Salads

by Leisa on December 9, 2008

Just another thought on food that came to me today when I made a salad for lunch – that we often try to complicate things to the point of it all being too hard, so we give up.

I know I’ve done that many a time.

I think about making a salad and it seems tiresome – getting out dozens of different ingredients, chopping, tossing and dressing.  So I don’t bother and just munch on a flax cracker or some nuts…

But something that has just become obvious lately (I am a bit slow!) is that it doesn’t need to be that hard.  I have in my head the thought that a salad has to contain at least a dozen ingredients to have variety and to be a “proper salad”.

Yet that isn’t actually the case.

Today I grabbed a few handfuls of kale and romaine lettuce and tossed them in a big bowl.  Then I threw in three roughly chopped tomatoes, half an avocado, a tablespoon of dulse leaves and drizzled a touch of olive oil and squeezed some lemon juice over the top.  I mashed the avocado through and tossed it a few times.

It took me two minutes at the most, and was the most delicious salad – I really enjoyed it and the simple flavours really stood out and enhanced each other.

Variety is the key – but that variety doesn’t have to all come in the one salad, in fact it is much better on the digestive system if you eat only one type of food, or only a couple at the most, at the one meal.  You can get variety by having different salads at different meals or on separate days to cover a large range of produce.

Keep it simple – it makes life easier!



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