Walking My Talk

by Leisa on December 6, 2008

One of the most important things to me in my career and in my life is to be able to have integrity in whatever it is that I do.  Not that I have to be perfect either, but if I don’t do my best to walk my talk, how can I advise other people?

I have just finished reading The Sunfood Success System by David Wolfe, and in that book he says something that I definitely agree with – if you want results in any area – seek out someone who has already created those results and learn from them.

I have always said that I would never go to an unhealthy, overweight naturopath – to me it smacks of hypocrisy – why would I listen to someone who obviously doesn’t integrate their own knowledge and teachings?

Not that we have to be 100% perfect either – I have my own health issues like many people do – but I find there is a difference between genuine striving for health and being open to learning – and blatant disregard for basic health principles.

That reminds me of a health seminar I once went to which was for both doctors and naturopaths.  I sat next to a very obese man, who was still puffing heavily after walking up half a dozen stairs.  He pulled a huge pastry out of his bag and started eating it with a side of coffee with sugar and milk.

“Ahhh, I thought – I bet he’s a doctor!” (my judgemental side coming out!), but to my surprise he was a naturopath, and preceded to dominate the seminar with his need to prove how much he knew about naturopathic health and healing.

Which is all very well and good having the knowledge, but intellectually knowing something is one thing, but really living it gives you a completely different perspective and opens up you up to being able to relate to people in a whole new, and more authentic way.

We often teach what we need to learn, and this is where being true to ourselves, embracing health on all levels, and being humble on our journey can help us to be better teachers.

Just last week I had a beautiful comment from one of my patients – she said when she saw me she thought “That is how I want to be – glowing skin, healthy weight, big smile and lots of energy”.

I was walking my talk, and for this to shine through, is one of the greatest compliments I could receive.



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