The Magician’s Way Seminar

by Leisa on April 12, 2009

In March, My partner and I and I spent a weekend at a seminar training called “Master Your Destiny” with William Whitecloud, the author of the book “The Magician’s Way“.

I really enjoyed the book and thought there were some quite profound teachings contained within it, and when I saw that a weekend training was being held, we jumped at the chance to go along.

I’ve done heaps and heaps of spiritual and personal development training over the years, but I still love going to seminars and workshops – there is always something new to learn, and immersing in empowering thoughts for a weekend is always good :-)

There was a great deal that I enjoyed about the weekend, and I found that I gained a lot from it.  Not necessarily just because of the teachings presented, but being familiar with this type of self-enquiry work, I was quickly able to access deeper levels of myself, and I took to it like a duck to water.  We did some very interesting “clairvoyant” type group work, where we learnt to access our intuition – and although this was eye opening and taught us a lot about getting out of our “ego / identity” space and getting into our “soul” space – after a whole weekend of it, it did get a bit boring!

One of the key points that I got out of spending a whole weekend just thinking about myself (I recommend everyone spend time doing that regularly!) – is that one of my big passions in life is writing, and that I need to re-create my life to allow me to spend more time doing what I love.  I have several passions in life – food as medicine and alternative healing is a big one – but expressing myself through writing is another, and working with horses is another still.

I realised that for me to truly live the life I dream about, I need to be able to spend time on all my passions, and that is my next mission – to find the balance in life that enables me to create through the written word and to spend time with the most sacred of animals, the beautiful horse.

So over the next few months some changes will be coming that see me ease out of naturopathic consulting one-on-one; – so that I can focus on educating people through the more intensive environment of the Embracing Life! Retreats; share my knowledge through the Membership Magazine and Audio Interviews that are a part of the Embracing Health Membership Club; continue writing on this blog and creating products that raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle AND start seriously writing my first book, which I already have a draft of…

Oh, and the horses will be fitting in there somewhere too :-)

William Whitecloud is going to be working mainly in the U.S. after this year, but if you do get the opportunity to do a workshop with him (and go with an open mind), you might be amazed at the insights you gain by learning to access your “soul space”.



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