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by Leisa on March 19, 2008

Just last weekend my partner and I took my Mum for a weekend getaway to the Sunshine Coast.  It’s only a two hour drive away, but the whole change of scenery and taking scheduled time out to relax, gave the weekend a holiday type feel.

It is so important to take those short breaks, especially those of us that have extremely busy lives and don’t know when to put the work aside and just switch off.

During those quiet hours it is also nice to spend some time reflecting on our lives.  I happened to be reading Joe Dispenza’s book Evolve Your Brain over that weekend, and some of the concepts in there really got me thinking.

When it comes to looking at yourself and asking questions about who you really want to be and how you want to feel in your life – physically, emotionally and spiritually – it is worth exploring the lifestyle choices you need to make to get you there.

I often ask people in my lectures, to envisage their ideal self, or a role model with attributes they admire, and to make a list of what you think that person would do every day to maintain their lifestyle.  What would their routine look like, what would be in their fridge, what would they do in their spare time, what things would they always make sure were in their schedule, what books would they read, how would they react in a certain situation?

Doing this simple exercise can expand people’s concept of what sort of choices they would need to make to achieve their personal goals.  If you were a slim, fit and healthy person, what would your day look like?  And there is no reason that you can’t start doing the things that a slim, fit and healthy person would do, right now.

Many people get caught up in short term thinking.  That if they lose X amount of weight by dieting and exercising – then their lives will change.  It is great to have goals, but I always ask people, once you have achieved that goal, what will you do the very next day?  Stop eating well?  Stop exercising?

It’s the changes that become a regular part of your day to day life, that have the most impact on the person we are now, and the person we evolve into.

From my time away last weekend immersed in some valuable “me” time, I’ve identified a few areas in my life that could do with some changes.  It is an empowering feeling to know that you have the ability to make choices that can enhance your quality of life, and that of those around you.

Take some time out for reflection, but please don’t use that as an excuse to judge yourself harshly.  Instead, use whatever insight you gain, to gently support and shift those areas that may not fit with the highest vision you hold of yourself.



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