Wonderful WA!

by Leisa on October 27, 2008

Well, all I can say is that we had a fantastic time in WA!

It was an absolute pleasure to be there and the retreat was an outstanding success. It was a very positive and enthusiastic group of people and it was such a privilege to get to know everyone and to be able to have such a great group of people come to the retreat to learn about health and take on board the information the way they did.

It sounds like a cliche, but I am always knocked sideways and am in awe of the people that come to these type of events. I meet people who are often struggling with illness, struggling with emotional hurts and trauma’s, or just struggling with life in general – and the courage, determination and guts that these people have to turn their lives around is very humbling.

I really am honoured to be able to share information that is of value and to be able to touch lives and and do what I can to empower people to be able to make healthy choices and look after themselves for a greater quality of life in many areas.

We’ve just put up the testimonials from the WA retreat – so have a read and watch some videos from these amazing people and be prepared to be inspired!




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