Top Five Superfoods for Silky Smooth Skin

by Leisa on October 29, 2008

In this article from Natural News, Mike Adams talks about superfoods for building healthy skin.

Skin tone and texture is so much more than what is put on the surface of it.  It really does come from within and from my experience, lots of raw green juices, green smoothies, good quality raw fats and good hydration goes a long way to creating that healthy glow.  Eliminating dairy is important and products that dehydrate such as coffee and alcohol.

Even though inner health is much more important that what we slap on the outside – I still choose to only use chemical free, non toxic, organic personal care products, so that my skin is only “eating” top quality natural ingredients that aren’t going to do any harm inside or out.

Miessence are one of my favourite companies and I use a lot of their products on my skin.  I am quite lucky to have looked after my inner and outer self really well for most of my life, and often get comments on how I look a lot younger than I am – exactly what every woman (and man!) wants to hear!

So in essence, it isn’t just about one products or one food that is going to give you silky smooth skin, but a combination of many factors that work synergistically to make you look like a million dollars!



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