Skin and Hair Care

by Leisa on October 1, 2008

Another aspect of health that we address at the Embracing Life! Retreat, is that of lowering the body burden of chemicals that we use every day in our personal care and cleaning products.

Most brands of these products are made with synthetic chemicals that can be absorbed into our body and added to the toxins we ingest and breathe in every day.  The interaction between these various chemicals is largely unknown and we put our health at risk unnecessarily when we fail to make alternative choices.

Luckily there is a growing number of companies that do produce quality organic, chemical free products – and rather than support just one and align myself with a single company – I believe that people should have choices and they will settle with the products and companies that suit them best.

At the retreat I gave out brochures and samples from a few of my favourite suppliers:

Miessence– have a large range of skin care, hair care, make-up, cleaning and health products that are very good quality and chemical free.  You can join the company to receive wholesale discounts if you are purchasing products regularly.  Click on the link and go to the tab “Earn Income” and “Join Now”.

Nancy Evans Rosehip Skincare – Nancy Evans has some lovely skin care products and has some great make-up as well.  I love her lipsticks and wear them all the time.

Everescents– an organic hair care company that has salon quality hair care products that are organic!  If you are anything like me you have probably tried 20 different natural hair care products and haven’t been happy with any of them.  I can highly recommend Everescents products – and Julia the general manager of the company has even sent me some giveaway bottles of their product for my next retreat!  Gotta love that!



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