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by Leisa on October 3, 2008

A great big hello and thank you to Jennie from Raw Pleasure www.rawpleasure.com.au for her support for the Embracing Life! Retreats.  Raw Pleasure is a fantastic resource for anything to do with Raw Food, health, detoxing etc and they have the best range of raw books you will find anywhere!

Along with selling some great books, Raw Pleasure also has kitchen equipment, superfoods, raw ingredients, DVD’s and some “Juicy” apparel for us die-hard raw fans!

We bought the raw crackers that we had with dinner from Raw Pleasure and they were a huge hit – and it is good to know that you can buy them, especially if you are someone who enjoys crackers but doesn’t have the time or inclination to dehydrate their own.

Also Jennie gave our guests at the retreat a special discount offer on most of the Raw Pleasure products, which was very generous and was enthusiastically received by everyone there.

Thanks Jennie – and I’m looking forward to that cuppa and one of our great chats when I visit soon!



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Jennie June 24, 2009 at 11:42 pm

You’re welcome! Thank you for running the retreats. It’s been wonderful to the have Embracing Life! detox retreats available, as I get many queries about Raw Food retreats. I’ve also had wonderful feed back! “Well organised with delicious food” is what I am hearing again and again. “Stellar information” is another comment that comes back. Sheesh… I might have to abandon my own business for a week and come along!


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