Tips on Being the Partner of a Raw Fooder

by Leisa on August 13, 2010

This article was written by a friend of mine, Bill Murphy, husband of Jennie Murphy and the owners of Raw Pleasure.  He wrote the article for the Raw Pleasure newsletter, and I thought it was great value.

Even if we choose to be mainly raw for our own health, that doesn’t necessarily mean our family and friends are going to jump on board with us.  At times we may even get quite zealous in our attempts to convert everyone around us to our new found discoveries about food – but more often than not that will push people away rather than have them join with us.

Bill writes some great tips here, on how to manage these issues:

“The idea for this article came to me after I recently met someone who was relatively new to the Raw Food world. He said that has been feeling great on a Raw Vegan Diet but he also said that his wife did not understand and was not interested in it at all. He was having a difficult time and had chosen to buy his own food and prepare his own meals separately from the family.

This reminded me of my confusion surrounding Raw Food when I was first introduced to it and got me thinking that there have to be plenty of others out there who are going through the same thing with their partners. Perhaps you have gotten into Raw Vegan Foods recently and have an un-supportive partner, or maybe your partner is a Raw Foodist and you feel that it is not right for you at this stage. Whatever your story is, hopefully me sharing mine with you will help your life to move a little smoother through this period.”

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