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by Leisa on July 5, 2009

This month as a part of my Embracing Health Membership Club, I interviewed Alf Orpen, the founder of ONEgroup, who produce Miessence –  the first completely certified organic skin care range in the world.  They also have hair care, personal care, cleaning and health products – all beautiful quality and chemical free.

The interview with Alf was fantastic – we talked on everything from soil quality, to the regeneration of the earth, from pesticide usage to the “Age of Biology” – it was very enlightening talk and I encourage anyone with an interest in the subject  to join as a member and download the 50 minute audio.

One of the points we discuss, and one that I highlight at my retreats, is that we have the choice with every dollar that we spend, as to which products and companies we support.  By buying certain products, we are saying “Yes” I want more of that in my world.  So if we choose skincare containing harmful chemicals, cruelly tested on animals – we are saying with our dollars “Yes” I think that is worth my support.

So alongside the health implications of absorbing toxins through the skin, supporting a company that also supports the planet by using organic ingredients is a step in the right direction.

It is very easy to purchase Miessence products to try for yourself.  You can shop online by clicking on this link, or you can join the company to receive wholesale discounts if you are purchasing products regularly.  Click on this link  and go to the tab “Earn Income” and “Join Now”.



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