Super Dooper Superfoods!

by Leisa on September 29, 2008

Raw Power – were a great help with supplying me with information hand-outs on all different types of superfoods and sending me samples of over a dozen superfoods for us to try at the retreat.

One of the lectures that I do at the Embracing Life! Retreat, is on the benefits of using whole foods, and especially superfoods, to enhance your well-being.  I much prefer using these types of whole food supplements to those that are made from synthetic isolated ingredients in a laboratory.

In this lecture we look at all different types of superfoods and their benefits – and because Anand was thoughtful enough to provide us with samples – we tried them all!  Part of embracing food is to really sit with how you feel when you eat, so we tried to get a feeling off the different foods and what the reaction in our body was when we tasted it.

They are very potent, and besides a few head-rushes with the raw cacao (!), we had varying sensations and thoughts about the foods and whether or not they appealed to us intuitively.  Although I don’t think that anyone actually tasted the spirulina after opening the bag and smelling it!

Raw Power sell many superfoods and you can purchase those from their website  Anand and Runi also hold raw gourmet food preparation classes and hold regular green smoothie challenges that are participated in by people around the world!  Super!!



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