Cheesecake Treat

by Leisa on December 4, 2008

Being mainly raw doesn’t mean being deprived, and there is no reason why tasty treats need to be taken out of the diet- especially when you can create fantastic raw replacements.

Of course with any balanced and healthy diet it is not wise to overdo any one type of food, and a nice mix between fruits, greens and fats is a lovely way to eat.

Those healthy fats can include things like nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut oil or butter, cacao butter etc – it is the quantity that can become an issue, rather than the actual fats themselves.  Some people, myself included, do better on keeping fats to a minimum – but even doing that doesn’t mean you can never have some lovely fatty desserts!

I have a beautiful raw vegan cheesecake recipe (courtesy of Maggie in WA) that is absolutely delicious.  It is based on macadamia’s and cashew nuts, and contains coconut oil, agave nectar, lemon juice and vanilla. 

You actually have to come to an Embracing Life! Retreat to get the recipe! :-)

I was thinking how decadent it tastes and I had those twinges of “I shouldn’t be eating this – it contains so much fat….’ as I know that I get sluggish and fatigued if I eat too much fat.  But then I decided to sit down and work out how many nuts, oil etc are actually in one slice of cheesecake.

And it worked out to not be that much!  The nuts were about 60g in total and the oil worked out at about 1 tablespoon.  I was thinking it was a lot more than that, so I was pleasantly surprised.  The lemon juice in the recipe also helps to digest the fat better.

Of course if you are eating a slice of this type of cheesecake or other raw dessert that is high in nuts and oils, you ideally wouldn’t be eating anything else fatty during the day and just sticking to greens and fruit – but it is a very delicious way to include some fats in the diet and be assured that you’re not overdosing too much.  What I have outlined here is also quite a generous slice, so it could easily be halved as well.

Balance is the key, and I like to make sure that my balance includes cheesecake! :-)



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Lynette Rodwell April 3, 2010 at 7:03 am

Dear Leisa,
I live in the United Kingdom and cannot come to one of your workshops in order to learn of the ingredients in your ‘raw cheesecake’ or to even enjoy one of your workshops! My son who attended the David Wolfe seminar raved about this cheesecake and I would love to make my friends one such cheesecake at the luncheon which I am about to attend very soon. Please send me the recipe if you would be so kind.
Thanking you in anticipation, : ))
Lynette Rodwell.

Leisa April 12, 2010 at 2:50 am

Dear Lynette,
I’ve e-mailed you privately with information for Julie at Conscious Choice in Sydney who makes beautiful Raw Desserts
The only other thing I can say is “watch this space!” I have a book coming out later in the year which will contain a few recipes that I am sure you will enjoy :-)

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