My 200th Post!

by Leisa on March 8, 2009

This is a little bit of a milestone – 200 posts over the past couple of years!

Reading back over my writing, I am really pleased with so many of the posts – there is some absolutely brilliant information contained within these pages!

They represent what I want to do with this blog, and that is to cover health issues that are in the news from a different perspective (often with my strong opinion!), give health tips and information, link to great articles that I think are useful to read, and to also put a little bit of myself into it as well. So that you know who I am, and that I walk my talk on this quest for good health that many of us are seeking.

I hope you continue to enjoy the posts and my writing – and if you have any topics you would like to see more of, or more of a certain type of post, please feel free to comment!

Thanks for joining me so often on these pages.



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