Raw Food Trucker Loses Weight!

by Leisa on October 25, 2009

This guy is just so awesome!

Whoever thinks that raw & living foods are just for kitten-kissing, long-haired hippies making love-beads on some commune…think again! Here’s a truck-driving “regular guy” who’s discovered the power of it…and is reinventing his life, his body, and his health in the most inspiring way!

Here he is introducing his story — he had stage II colon cancer, kidney disease and other serious health challenges, and he was 411 pounds and on 19 prescription medications. He’s now off all 19 meds, cancer-free (documented with his doctor) and he’s changed to the raw foods lifestyle. Don’t miss this interview!

If this doesn’t inspire you to change your life and your health the way you would like, I’m not sure what will!



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