The Spirituality of Christmas

by Leisa on December 24, 2009

I love Christmas.

In my family it was always such a special time of sharing and being together, of giving and recieving and reflecting on everything that is important and that we hold dear.  It was always a magical time, containing uplifiting energy and excitement.

Even though I don’t subscribe to any form of organised religion, and Christmas of course is based on a particular religious faith – I think that it can come to mean whatever you choose it to mean, and can become a family tradition without becoming steeped in dogma.

I’ve come to realise how important it can be to have these times of tradition and ritual to remind us of that which is sacred; and we can easily bypass the materialism and the superficiality of the season and return to the joy and spirit that is inherent in this time of celebration.

With Christmas being the lead in to the New Year, I find this season always gives me cause to reflect on the year, to set firm intentions for the new one coming and bask in that magical space of possibility.

Enjoy the Season – Merry Christmas!



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