Merry Christmas!

by Leisa on December 26, 2008

I hope everyone that celebrates Christmas had a fantastic day yesterday!

We celebrate Christmas by having a family get together, as many Aussies do, by sharing gifts, having a festive lunch (yes, I made lots of yummy RAW recipes), and relaxing all afternoon around the pool and on the deck of my sister’s home.  Christmas has always been a special time in my family – a time to cherish each other and the ties that connect us, and to celebrate the love and the bond we have, in spite of what have been challenging times in the past.

I’m sure there is dysfunction in a lot (most?!!) families, but when you choose to look for the best in each other, to put past differences aside and to grow, learn, and appreciate the good – it is very satisfying and something to be proud of when you can do that and see it lived out.  If we can’t do this in our families, how can we possibly see the best in other people, races and cultures?

When I lecture, I talk about how the thought of changing the world is often overwhelming. We wonder what we can possibly do as an individual – but if we look to ourselves – if we take responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions – if we aim to learn and embody patience, tolerance and love – and we live these concepts in our day to day lives; then if everyone did that, the world would be a different place.

So this Christmas that may be something to ponder…

And on a lighter note – this is a picture of my gorgeous niece Abby (a.k.a Green Smoothie Baby), after the “present storm”!  Looks shell shocked doesn’t she :-)



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