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by Leisa on January 7, 2010

Like many people, I’ve started off the New Year with a resolve to improve both my health and fitness!  Even for those of us who have a very health lifestyle, there’s often another level of vitality that can be achieved and minor bad habits to overcome…

Having had quite severe thyroid problems for many, many years that are now largely resolved, I still have to be quite vigilant about the balance in my life between the food I eat, the exercise I do, the rest I get, and the amount of work I do.  If I fall out of balance in these areas, my body tells me very quickly – and then I have to get back on track in whichever area has slipped.

Over the past year the area that has been put to the side more often than not is exercise.  Even though I would still walk several days a week and do intermittent training at the gym, the consistency isn’t where I would have liked it to be, and  I do know that being very fit helps my overall energy levels and supports my thyroid and adrenals.

So to kick the year off I hired a personal trainer to do three sessions a week with me for the next month.  And that has been fantastic!

By having to turn up for an appointment that has been made, it commits you to the workout session, and because you are paying for it – following the trainers instructions for the cardio work on the days in-between to support what you are doing in the training sessions just makes sense.

Part of what I had to do as well, was fill out a food diary for the trainer, which was great.  To sit down and write every bite that goes into my mouth over a day was an excellent exercise in food awareness – and I can highly recommend  that everyone keep a food diary for a week or two to evaluate your true food intake and where it could be going a bit wrong.

So we tweaked my diet a little, and with training  of some kind almost every day over the next month – I know that I will have formed new positive habits that I had let slide a bit over the past year.  I also know from previous experience how good it feels to be really fit and strong, and after a month I know that I will have created enough of that feeling in my body, to ensure that it is very easy to continue with the positive practices.

So for anyone who does feel like they have gotten off track a little in the area of exercise, I have found that doing some personal training sessions is a great way to re-form those new commitments.  By having a professional put together a personalised program taking into account your health and fitness level, and then supporting you in forming excellent new habits, can serve you for a much longer time than just the initial month of sessions.

Here’s to the new, super-fit me!



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