Conscious Dentistry

by Leisa on July 13, 2010

I will be so excited when this book comes out!

The health of the mouth is one that has interested me for a long time, and I am fascinated by the connection of our teeth to different areas of our body and emotional patterns. Here, Dr Jon Veranese introduces us to these concepts in the introduction of his book, which I hope is going to be out soon!

“The inspiration for this book largely arose as a result of a wonderous curiousity as to how we, as human beings create and define our world.

Firstly to understand and know how we create our physical being, and how our consciousness affects this, and how then, we can change and heal ourselves, living a life of purpose and wholeness, reflected in our physical being and the world around us.

Working on a daily basis in the field of Dentistry, despite the advances in technology and science, basic dis-ease still prevailed in my patients and I could not help but begin to see patterns in the relationship of one’s dental health and one’s general health and

As the evidence of a body/mind/spirit connection to dental health began emerging, other questions came to the fore:

Are we, as individuals consciously aware of creating our reality, consciously aware of how to create a healthy mouth and body?

Are we, as individuals consciously aware that we can create whatever we want for ourselves in relation to good health and wellbeing?

How conscious are we that dental dis-ease, like other physical dis-ease occurs as a result of imbalance and disharmony not only in the physical environment of the mouth and body, but also as a reflection of the mental, emotional and metaphysical aspects of how we live our lives.

How willing then, are we to take responsibility for the creation of our reality, accepting that what we experience in life is a manifestation of an accumulation of both conscious and unconsious thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

What is the possibility of growing new teeth if there is a tooth missing?

Why does the dental experience have to be filled with fear and anxiety?

What really happens when you remove a tooth? – where does the energy go that has built up to cause the imbalance in the first place – how do you deal with this to give a truly holistic treatment process, healing all aspects of the dis-ease within the being?

Through application of all I have learned in both the medical model of treatment and the metaphysical aspect of dis-ease to my work with patients in my clinical practice, I treat the health of the mouth, teeth and gums as a reflection of what’s going on within the body so with this approach to dental health, balance can be restored to whole being

I call this Conscious Dentistry.

Case History 1
The person presented with pain in the teeth and jaw in the lower molar region. Upon examination and X Rays no abnormality was identified. Under most conditions the person would be dismissed and no treatment done. Further discussions also revealed that the person was also suffering from shoulder pain (deltoid muscle) and that her dog had recently died. Putting it all together the lower molar teeth and the deltoid muscle relate to the lung meridian which is connected with the emotion of Grief and the dog dying. In this case the recognition of the link between all the symptoms was all that was required.

Case History 2
This case involved the removal of amalgam fillings. Prior to commencing the removal of the fillings a pre-assessment was carried out. A vibrational remedy including an inversion of mercury amalgam was given for the person to take to clear the negative memory imprint of the amalgam in the body, and a specific nutritional support program was commenced. At the first appointment for amalgam filling removal the priority fillings (2 in the lower right quadrant) were replaced with a biocompatible material. Within a few hours after the appointment the person stated that the ringing in his ear on the right side that he had for 20 years had gone. The likely explanation for the lightening effect is the clearing of the electrical interference associated with the amalgam fillings.

Combining the appropriate conventional treatment aproach with a treatment to heal the effects of the underlying stress that caused the tooth decay provides a balanced whole health approach to treating the dental problem.

This is “Conscious Dentistry” in action.”




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Shazar Robinson August 4, 2010 at 12:43 pm

I work with bio-feedback – and agree that dentistry is of ultimate importance in our health. Getting rid of metal in the mouth particularly th emercury based metals as well as the toxic root canal filled teeth it paramount in maintaining good health. And I personally know Dr Jon Veranese and recommend his work.

Shazar Robinson August 4, 2010 at 12:44 pm

I personally know Dr Jon Veranese and can highly recommend his work. Getting rid of the amalgams and the toxic root canal treatment is paramount in creating good health.

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