Living Proof – The “Miracle” Man

by Leisa on September 3, 2010

From   “The amazing story of a King Country dairy farmer who caught swine flu and very nearly died.

Intensive care specialists were all set to pull him off life support, saying there was no hope. But his family refused to give up.

They demanded the doctors try high doses of Vitamin C, a radical treatment well outside mainstream medicine. The hospital told them it wouldn’t work but the family insisted. It turned into a fight, the family even hired a top lawyer. But in the end, as Melanie Reid will show you, the farmer is now very much alive.

So was it a one-off miracle? Or has the family stumbled on a miracle cure?”

Watch the video of this amazing story here:

This is a fantastic story about the power of natural medicine.  This story is about George Richardson, a gentleman in New Zealand, who contracted Swine Flu and was on life support – yet fully recovered with only small amount of vitamin C administered, (which was all the doctors would allow), and to get even that, was a fight.

His recovery highlights what can be achieved with orthomolecular medicine – which is the administration of high doses of vitamins and minerals as required to cure disease.

The startling thing is, that everyone is hailing this as a “miracle”, yet the knowledge of the curative effects of vitamin C, especially in high doses intravenously, has been available for decades, but unfortunately is ignored by the medical establishment.

I hope this story starts to shift the current paradigm of medicine to include intravenous vitamin C as the standard of treatment for many diseases – but I think it will be very slow in coming.  The message that I also find important in this story, is the necessecity of being informed about these options, and being able to demand treatments such as these, in life-threatening situations.  You cannot rely on the medical establishment to offer these cures – and until it becomes mainstream and accepted as a valid treatment option – we are going to have to demand it – very loudly.



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roddy September 15, 2010 at 6:17 am

it really does show we are all different and to keep an open mind to many things

Nyomi September 26, 2010 at 1:30 pm

Vitamin C doesn’t make lots of money for drug companies like orthodox medicine does, so drug companies aren’t interested in advocating it. People have to read around/talk to alternative therapists etc to learn more about alternative treatments, which can be very beneficial, and can have less side effects than conventional treatment.

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