David Wolfe – Samudra Retreat – New Options!

by Leisa on January 19, 2011

This part of WA is one of my favourite places in the world, and I am SO looking forward to the retreat that Samudra is putting together for the David Wolfe Tour. We have just launched some new options for the retreat, so you can now choose a package where you look after your own accommodation, tranpsort and breakfast – great for people who live in the local area; and a day rate option for Tuesday 1st March, to join us early in the morning for yoga, and participate in all the activities and lecutres that day.  Brilliant option!

All the details are on the website Samudra & David Wolfe Retreat

Samudra and David Wolfe Retreat, Dunsborough, WA

Monday 28th Feb – Friday 4th March, 2011

David Wolfe and Samudra combine as a formidable team to host the highlight of the 2011 tour; an all-inclusive five day retreat in Dunsborough, Western Australia, including presentations by David Wolfe, surfing, yoga, an authentic bush walk with the local Indigenous people, adventure caving and a sweat lodge.

Nourish day to day on fresh, live and organic food from Samudra’s specialised raw food cafe, all the while staying in a natural bushland setting just a short drive from the Margaret River Wine Region and world-class surfing beaches.

Hosted by Samudra, this WA based spiritual community conducts retreats around the world and has an impressive centre in Dunsborough with stunning yoga rooms, organic garden, a cafe specialising in live, organic and vegan food, plus a retail outlet for both clothing and packaged superfoods. Founder, Sheridan Hammond, will be alongside David to share teaching in health, yoga and life experience.

David Wolfe is a legend in raw and live food circles and one of the world’s leading experts in superfoods, health and longevity education. This in a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend five days with the master himself and completely immerse in his presence and knowledge. Lecture topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Telomere and telomerase: The new science of longevity.
  • Hormone Health: How To Get Bad Estrogen Out of Your Body, Have Better Sex, Fight Cancer, Live Longer, and Healthier.
  • Conquer candida, lower inflammation, restore bone health, create healthy joints, lose weight, and reverse aging with raw-living foods, superfoods, superherbs, and new healing technology!
  • Herbal medicine simplified.
  • Immune System rejuvenation.
  • Rebuilding core Adrenal, Kidney, and Reproductive energy (Jing energy)
  • The Healing Power of Raw and Living Foods
  • The LongevityNOW Program
  • Questions and Answers with David Wolfe

Hope to see you there!



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