David Wolfe Tour – Dunsborough

by Leisa on February 26, 2010

We’re on our way to the last two events!  What an amazing ride to be on – to be a part of the tour and to see it all run so smoothly and work so well.  David is impacting people everywhere, and the benefits for everyone who listens to him are too numerous to mention.  Everyone is loving the talks and the feedback is nothing short of sensational!

We packed up The Tank and got ready to drive a few hours south to the most remote raw food restaurant in the world – at Samudra in Dunsborough.  Lucky we had The Tank – we only just fit all of our gear into – can you see us peeking over the top? :-)

With ACDC playing at full volume on the CD player (with a bit of 80’s Whitesnake thrown in), we headed down south.  Samudra is the main attraction in the pretty little beach town of Dunsborough.  It boasts a vegetarian food cafe, yoga studios, permaculture gardens, organic cotton clothing shop, and they hold regular food prep classes, movie nights and yoga and surf retreats.  And it is the most relaxing place to just hang out with a Mango Goji Smoothie and few friends.

We checked into our nearby accommodation and a party atmosphere ensued straight away.  We were in a 4 bedroom apartment next to the beach, but with all our new found WA friends, there were now 14 of us staying together!  Cosy :-)

That evening we had David’s lecture for about 150 people, which is an amazing number coming to an event tucked away in the corner of WA.  It was a beautiful weekend though and many had come down from Perth to enjoy the beach and the weather whilst attending the events.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photo’s of the actual talk, as the lighting wasn’t bright enough for my camera – but here I am in Samudra’s cafe doing a silly pose!

The party continued back at the accommodation – what I love about raw foodies is that health is the priority and we needed no alcohol etc to have fun!  The other good thing is that we’re all so healthy and energetic we need very little sleep, lol :-) :-)



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