David Wolfe Tour – Dunsborough 2

by Leisa on February 27, 2010

The next day was the very last event for the 2010 tour, and that was a Chef Training with Bruce in the evening.  We had a full house again, with nearly 80 people booked to attend what was gearing up to be a really fun night.

With most of us, (except for Bruce and Damian preparing for the class), having not a great deal to do – Sheridan, owner of Samudra, and his wife Lisa took a group of us out to one of the best surf beaches in WA – and we had to go four wheel driving to get there!  See – The Tank came in handy more than once!

We had a bit of a hike to get to the beach – and it was for the die-hard surfing fans!  Sheridan, Lisa and David took the boards out and spent a couple of hours out on the waves.  Although a few big waves wiped out most of the surfers at one point!  Myself and the other girls were more than happy to paddle in the shallows!  What a magnificent day on a magnificent beach.  If I was going to live anywhere else in Australia other than the Gold Coast – this would be it.

That’s David there in the white top, catching a wave!

And waving himself from the car after surviving WA’s crushing surf!

Look at the water behind us – magic!

After our fun surfing trip, what more was there to do but hang out at Samudra under the trees?

What a life!

Later on in that evening Bruce put on a spectacular class, demonstrating how to make raw Mexican Food!  He wowed us with his Raw Burrito layered with the following luscious items: ‘Never Fried No Beans’ Pate, Sensational Seasonal Fruit Salsa, Holy Guacamole, AND Marvelous Macadamia Nut ‘Sour Cream’ — served on a delicious Collard ‘Tortilla’! YUM! Followed by a Mexican Cacao-Spice Pudding for Dessert. And didn’t we enjoy it!

Again, sorry no photo’s with the lack of light in the room, and it being an evening event.  After dinner we sat out in Samudra’s cafe and David took us on a journey through 2012, conspiracies and other mysteries, as he spun tales and wove words late into the night…

A huge thank you to everyone at Samudra who hosted us so graciously, provided us with AMAZING food and made both events a great success.



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