David Wolfe Tour – Adelaide

by Leisa on February 23, 2010

Here we are at the airport, again.. On our way to lovely Adelaide to meet the amazing Ms. Remedy Bliss.

We have a couple of days in Adelaide and are looking forward to a bit of a rest and a catch up before we continue on to WA.  We are staying with Adelaide Raw Food Guru Remedy.  Rem runs raw food preparation classes and judging from the food we ate while staying with her – she is a master at what she does!  Everyone I spoke to at the Adelaide event (where we had over 300 people and filled the huge Ballroom below), had only wonderful things to say about Rem – she is one popular lady, with a heart of gold and the most beautiful daughter Sienna who does her proud.

The Adelaide lecture was held in the evening and was a great success.  David was at his charismatic best and the crowd didn’t want to leave!  It was an exceptionally well put together event and ran smoothly thanks to Remedy, her sister Kristy and her husband Sven and the rest of the team who made it such a success.

Remedy hosted us at her home, and we felt like a welcome part of the family instead of guests she had only just met.  Here is a picture of the garden where Rem grows a lot of her greens and veggies:

And the TeePee for outdoor sleeping:

We were also near the most beautiful beach, and the weather was perfect for us!  Each day we would walk the 10-15 minutes to the beach and have a run on the sand and swim – it was just the best!

After the first event we had most of the next day to relax before getting ready for Bruce’s next Chef Training.



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