Leisa’s Diary #4; Healing Takes Time

by Leisa on February 5, 2014

One of the main reasons I’m slowing down and taking some time out this year, is not just to finish my book, but it is to create the space to allow time for me to heal and to take my health to another level. It is quite amazing how much time it really does take to do those practices that support health. Although a healing regime is different to a maintenance lifestyle, time definitely needs to be factored in when setting your health goals.


Several years ago I was watching a DVD interview series with Dr Richard Schulze, and he said something during one of the interviews, that has always stuck with me – that if you are terminally ill and not spending 24 hours a day focused on your health and healing, you are not doing enough. Of course included in that is 8-10 hours of good quality sleep which is a healing agent in itself – but he was adamant that to truly heal, you had to dedicate your life to it.

Now I’m not healing from a terminal illness, so my program is nowhere near as intense as that – however even with the things that I am adding in to each day, like exercise, skin brushing, enemas’s, good food preparation, smoothies, supplements, IFAS machine treatments, meditation etc – I hardly have time to do much work (which is the point!), but it amazes me how quickly the day fills when healing activites are added in. This might be a typical day:

Wake naturally
Drink 500ml salty water and take certain supplements
Exercise, weights & cardio – 1.5 hours
Breakfast – preparation & eating – 1/2 hour
Dry skin brushing, shower & hot Ayurvedic oil treatment – 1/2 hour
An hour of work – 1 hour
Morning tea smoothie with superfoods and supplements – 15 minutes
Session on my IFAS (electrotherapy machine) – 1/2 hour
An hour of reading – 1 hour
Coffee enema – 1 hour
Lunch – preparation & eating 1/2 hour
A couple of hours of work – 2 hours
Afternoon superfood smoothie plus supplements – 15 minutes
Long walk on the beach with my dog – 1 hour
Sauna – 30 minutes
Dinner – preparation & eating – 1 hour
Meditation – 1/2 an hour

There is a lot in that, and even though I keep reminding myself to stop filling up with too much busyness, it’s hard to get the right balance when factoring in healing activities. So of course I’m not regimented with this and it doesn’t have to happen in that order or all of those on every day, but if I want to have a massage, or do a yoga class, then the day gets very full, very quickly.

When it comes to healing though, especially if you do have a terminal illness, I don’t believe there is any other way than to dedicate yourself fully to the process. I have unfortunately been witness to more than one beautiful, terminally ill person, who tried to keep living their life as normal (busy, stressful job etc) and do some “healing practices” on the side – and it’s just not enough. Those people paid the ultimate price, and I wonder if they had the chance again, whether they would give up that job, sell the house, and do whatever it took to get well. At least if they dedicated their whole life to healing, then they would know that they had done absolutely everything they could.

For a maintenance lifestyle of course you couldn’t do everything that you may include in a focused healing regime, however many elements can be spread out and incorporated so that life is still easy and your healing practices are not difficult to maintain. So a sauna every day may be fantasic throughout a detox or healing program, but maybe two times a week is sufficient for maintenance.

How do you factor in your healthy practices every day? What has to give so that you can do what you like to do to maintain a high level of health? If you were very unwell, would you stop your life in order to focus on getting well?



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