Who Is In Your Health Care Circle?

by Rhianna on February 4, 2014

Who takes care of your health? Are you a Dr Google kind of person? Do you have one practitioner that you see for your primary health care? Or do you have a whole range of healthcare practitioners you call on when needed?

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Something that always surprises people and my patients is that fact that I have a wide and varied circle of health care practitioners who look after me. I usually hear, “But you’re a naturopath, can’t you fix yourself?” and the answer to that is absolutely not! Let me explain who helps take care of my health…

A Chiropractor
I have been seeing chiropractors since I was born, and will continue to do so until I die. I find them absolutely fantastic for all kinds of structural work. If I ever get headaches, sore backs, knees, and even period pain, I don’t take a pain killer, I call my Chiropractor. By addressing the problem as soon as it arises, I am very rarely in discomfort and the problem is usually very easy to fix. One simple treatment and I am good to go! For general health and maintenance, I see my chiropractor once a month. Chiropractors may also practice a variety of other modalities including Neuorlink, Kinesiology, massage and so on. One chiropractor I have seen in the past uses kinesiology to identify if the pain or discomfort stems from an emotional trauma, rather than a physical one. The result of this treatment is amazing.

An Acupuncturist
I spent almost all of 2012 seeing my acupuncturist every two weeks. We were working on a very deep level, on a chronic issue I had experienced for over 10 years, one that naturopathy hadn’t 100% shifted. After about 18 months it cleared and has been no more of a problem. Acupuncture was an avenue of exploration for me when I couldn’t clear the problem using the methods I knew. I was rewarded with excellent results, and an acupuncturist I can call whenever I need. Chinese medicine is very different from Western Naturopathy, working on principles of Chi energy flow, blockages in meridian points, dampness, dryness, stagnation and so on. From my understanding, a healthy body is one in which the energy is flowing freely and easily, with no extremes.

A Homeopath 
Similar to the story above, I spent a good 2 years working with a classical homeopath for a severe health problem about 6 years ago. Homeopathy works on the principle of ‘like cures like’ and un-measurable, vibrational doses of substances  are used to rally the body into working and healing itself (my remedy was from snake venom!). Again, I explored this avenue when none of my known methods of treatment were 100% successful. It was also a fantastic find with amazing results, and since then I have used homeopathy as first aid, and when traveling as a convenient and small form of natural medicine. It is one form of treatment I always reach for first when treating babies, small children and animals.

A Wholistic Counsellor
The emotional aspects of healing is an avenue that often requires specialised attention. If we try and heal the body without healing the mind, we only experience half of the benefits. Having someone who can make you see your problems in a different light, and give you tools to cope can be extremely beneficial. This is someone who listens and talks things over with you, not someone who will medicate you as a first resort. In the stressful world we live in, I really think everyone would benefit from having someone to talk too. Even if it is just a few times a year.

A KaHuna Massage Therapist
Body work is vital- and KaHuna goes beyond simply working on a physical level on the body, and can be amazing for clearing emotions as well. I have been seeing a wonderful KaHuna therapist for about 3 years, and I can tell when I need to see him. Not only does my body need a massage, but I may have something on my mind that I would like to work through or clear. Paulie, Sam and Darbie are our amazing Kahua practitioners who work magic at our retreats. I have seen these people change lives on a regular basis. If you have never had one, I thoroughly recommend it!

A Colonic Specialist
Whenever I detox, I always make sure to have a series of colonics. Using the closed system and an experienced colonic practitioner, the detox is always more successful and less uncomfortable. A series of colonics in combination with a detox can actually start moving old adhered matter from the wall of the bowel. We use this method at our 8-day Detox retreats and over in Bali if you are lucky enough to get the famous Lesley, she will have you laughing so much you will actually enjoy your colonic!

So there you have it. My long list of alternative care practitioners. And the list is still growing. I have recently added an Ayurvedic Doctor 🙂

I don’t believe it is possible to take care of your health with only one modality, or only one practitioner. We all specialise in our chosen area and at the end of the day, everyone is different, so if one natural field doesn’t work for you, try something else. And keep trying until something works. It’s a big wide world out there, and broadening your healthcare circle can expand your health and happiness.

Don’t be afraid to give something new a try. You never know, it might just be what you’ve been looking for!



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Joanne February 13, 2014 at 12:20 am

Thank you for writing this Rhianna.

I was seeing a naturopath a while ago who actually got angry at me for seeing an oesteopath. I felt like he wanted to be the only one to take care of my health and that really didn’t work for me.

It is refreshing to see an open minded naturopath recommend other types of practitioners.

Marie February 18, 2014 at 2:38 am

This is a really good article Rhianna and it is fantastic to see how many other practitioners and modalities you bring in to support your health.

Health is never just a one pill cure and you’ve just shown us that it is not a one modality or one practitioner cure either. Very sensible advice and one that I wish more people would adopt.

Thank you for your balanced and healthy views.

Zohaib January 17, 2017 at 12:03 pm

Amazing Article

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