What’s On You Part 2!

by Rhianna on May 2, 2014


After receiving a box of natural (and some not so natural) goodies in the mail the other day, I got to thinking about how hard it is to know what the good, natural brands are. Have you ever spent a fortune on a product only to take it home and find out you’ve achieved that same effect as if you’d wash your hair with a bar of soap? I have, a few times! Those products go to the spare bathroom to be used by unsuspecting house guests or by the dog when we run out of doggy shampoo….

So where were we up to? Ah yes, body lotion! Let’s continue…

Body Lotion/Moisturiser
Ask most women as they will say moisturiser is firstly all about the feel, and secondly about the smell! You might feel good, but if you smell like a chemical factory (or petroleum plant) it’s just not pleasant! Here are my favourite body lotions and potions.

•    Evohe Body Mist- this is my pick for summer! A lightweight spray that leaves your skin smooth, smelling heavenly and not oily in the slightest! The only negative with this one is that it is a bit expensive for how little you get. I tend to go through the bottle very quickly. Oh and it can also be used as a deodorant or leave in hair conditioner! Bonus!
•    Super Sea Minerals Mineral Skin Feast- for those with drier skin, this is a gorgeous moisturiser for summer. It smells amazing, and leaves your skin so silky and smooth! For oily skinned types it can be used in winter, but for those of you who need extra nourishing during the cold months it may be a little light.
•    Evohe Omega Body- this rich, silky body oil is my favourite pick in winter. It leaves your skin glossy and glowing without an oily feel. It also has that beautiful smell (from all natural ingredients). But because it is all natural I have found this one to oxidize and go rancid if you leave it unused for too long (more than 6 months).  Evohe do lovely little trial packs that you can purchase before committing to a big size. Yay!
•    Olieve & Olie Olive Oil Body Butter- for those with dry skin, this one is the ticket. It is lush, rich and thick. It smells amazing and leaves your skin thoroughly moisturised. Personally it is too heavy for my oily skin on a regular basis, but it’s my favourite for my dry skinned family members!

This is an awesome section- I’m only going to talk about two products! That is because every single natural sunscreen I have tried, other than these, have been too heavy, sticky, thick and clogging. I mean, who wants to take home half the beach stuck to their skin? Ick! Luckily I found these:

•    Devita Solar Body Moisturiser 30+ – I can’t fault this product, and carry it around all summer! It is lightweight, not oily, completely natural and protects 30+ which is all I personally think we need! Although it is designed for the body, I have used it on my face plenty of times and it has never caused breakouts or clogged pores. The body sunscreen is also way cheaper than the face specific sunscreen. Perfect for those wanting to save a penny.
•    Devita Solar Protective Moisturiser 30+ – I have already mentioned this one in the moisturiser section. You can use it as a daily moisturiser, or just as a sunscreen. Whatever suits! It contains vegan sourced hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and hydrate. An excellent sunscreen choice.

Make Up
This one is a personal thing. Everyone will have their favourite colours and combinations that suit them the best. I use a wide variety of natural make up brands as I have found I like bits and pieces from them all. Here are my picks.

•    Evohe mineral powder- great powders. Use as a powder or mix with moisturiser or oil to form a liquid foundation. They also do a lovely bronzer I use as a blush in summer.
•    Eye of Horus- the best natural mascara ever!!! My absolute favourite. Only comes in black, is smudge resistant and splash resistant but comes off easily with cleanser. Won’t leave you with panda eyes. They also do awesome eyeliners that are smudgable when freshly applied, or dry to long wear. Fantastic range of colours!
•    Zuii- their tagline is ‘wear flowers on your face’. How cute is that? Although I don’t like their foundations or powders, they do some awesome blushes, a wicked range of vibrant eye shadows and a few amazing lipsticks. They have a red to rival a fire truck! Their gloss is a bit tacky and grainy. Not a fan.
•    Ere Perez- these guys do my concealer of choice. They have 4 varieties with two colours in each, so you can blend to suit your skin tone. It also contains arnica, which helps reduce swelling, redness and irritation of spots. I also use their black and brown eyeliners when I’m not using Eye of Horus. Creamy and easy to apply, they never get dry or break. They do smudge a bit over the day but are still good enough to mention.
•    Antipodes- these guys have a new range of mineral make up out that I have not yet tried, but I have used their translucent powder and I love it. It sets your make up, keeps the oil at bay and reduces shine. I mix it in with my Evohe powder for a light, oil free look.

This one is also a relatively easy one to talk about. I have two favourites of which I alternate. There are plenty of others out there, tooth powders, natural pastes, the majority I have felt haven’t left my teeth squeaky clean and minty fresh. Until I found these guys.

•    Jason Power Smile- a cream paste that is minty, fresh and leaves your teeth lovely and clean without any of the nasties. Fluoride free. They have a range that includes gels and fluoride containing pastes. Read well to make sure you have the right one.
•    Spry- these guys do a fresh minty gel that I love. Also fluoride free. Including xylitol which protects teeth from cavities.

Nail Polish
Nail polish contains chemicals, unless it’s that water based rubbish that peels off as soon as it dries. Although I avoid most chemicals, sometimes it’s lovely to look down and see pretty painted toenails, so if I have the urge I use Butter London.

•    Butter London- lower in chemical than your regular nail polishes, they have a huge variety of colours that I have found to be as long wearing as your standard chemical brand. For a special occasion, you can’t beat it!

Loving pair couple making cosmetics at home. girlfriend appliesMen’s Products
Luckily, my guy will just use whatever products I get him, so I can be picky!

•    Bulldog- I really like this range for its scrub and moisturiser. The range is wider than that but my guy is a pretty simple bloke when it comes to products, so less is more for him.
•    Avalon Organics- these guys do a sensational shaving cream- one with aloe for sensitive skin types and one with peppermint for a tingly, astringent feel. It also lasts for ages! One tube lasted my guy almost a year, and he shaves about 3 times a week. Does not leave skin dry.
•    Crystal Body Deodorant- this is a natural deodorant that comes fragranced or fragrance free. It does not stop sweating but rather stops the smell, or should I say reduces the smell. Sweaty guys running around on a soccer field in polyester shirts are going to smell no matter what you use. My partner likes this one as it has no fragrance to detract from his cologne.
•    Antipodes Nirvana Body Wash- an awesome natural body wash with a unisex, fresh smell. Lasts for ages and leaves the skin cleansed but not dry.

I hope this has been helpful for you. If you’d like to add your own personal favourites in the comments below, I’d love to check them out (and maybe add them to my collection!).



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