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by Rhianna on June 24, 2014

I remember the precise moment I started to read. I was in grade 2 and there was a new book on the Silent Reading trolley about a dashing fox with 9 tails. Previously I had fought against reading, struggling over the words, wrestling with them one at a time; preferring to memorise a story and recite it back, keeping my inability to really read a secret. It was the fox book that opened my eyes and my mind to the amazing stories hidden behind printed text. I became an avid story enthusiast, and remain so to this day…

It has taken me far longer, but I have realised that somewhere along the way I have become captivated with another kind of story. Your story.

A friend of mine put up this picture the other day and I fell in love with it. It sums up this blog perfectly.

StoryEveryone I meet has a story that is uniquely their own. It makes them who they are, and can be told by no one better than themselves. Every single story I have been privileged enough to hear has been nothing less than amazing. I have never met anyone whose story hasn’t been important, illuminating, and educational, and I know I never will. We all have life experiences and tales to share, and in the dark past, this was how we learned and evolved. I don’t believe that has changed, but unfortunately society has. It is often much easier nowadays to Google a recipe than to visit a Grandmother and learn at her apron strings. But what are we missing out on? We are missing the ‘meat on the bones’ so to speak. We are missing all the juicy human side of living and experiencing. I know for certain that the chocolate cake recipe I can follow to a tee, tastes nothing like the chocolate cake my Nan used to bake from that exact recipe. I believe it takes a combination of the facts and the experience to really learn from any story. I like to think that healthcare is no different. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I became a naturopath.

When people come to see me about their health, they bring with them all the pieces of their own individual health puzzle- these are the bones. Part of my job is to listen to their stories, and ask the right questions that can help me flesh out their stories. This explains a lot about a persons state of wellness or illness and how they have come to be were they are.

For example, you may come to a naturopath feeling tired- this is your bone. Throughout our consultation, your story will help to reveal if the underlying cause of your fatigue is from low iron levels, a nutrient deficient diet, high stress, poor adrenal function, poor sleep, emotional upset, insomnia, thyroid issues, problems with metabolism, hormonal imbalances, digestive dysfunction, toxicity or even a complex combination of some of these problems. This is where we flesh out your story together, and together, we start getting the whole picture.

It is only through the sharing of your story that I can help to identify which of these candidates is the most probable. And through the sharing of your story, we both learn, and grow.

I am so very grateful for everyone who has ever shared their story with me. It is a priceless gift. Our story is one of the very few things we ever truly own, and I feel humbled by those who have trusted me with theirs. I hope together, we have added layers to your story, and allowed you to move on to healthier chapters.

For those who wish to share their story, I am here, feel free to talk. Take all the time you need. 🙂



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