The Difference in Detox

by Rhianna on June 30, 2014

Two beautiful sisters I know have recently been struggling with their skin. Both are over the age of 21, and up to this point have had the amazing peaches and cream complexion most women dream about. Having started up a new business at the beginning of this year, both girls have worked their little butts off over the last six months getting their business off the ground and prospering. They have both (independently) moved house, and have had a sad event recently occur in the family. Although generally very healthy (one is vegan), their diets have definitely suffered from busy-ness; not having time to stop and eat a proper meal inevitably leads to skipping meals or grabbing something on the run, craving sweets and caffeine hits instead of real food.

When I saw them last, they looked at me with two pairs of huge blue eyes and said, “Please help us fix our skin! We were thinking of doing a 7-day juice fast, would that fix it?” My answer was a question- “While you’re at work?”

This brings us to one of the crucial elements of our Embracing Health Detoxification Retreats, in fact, the element itself has just been read. Retreat. To retreat: to withdraw, to escape, to head for the hills, to make a getaway; and also to reconsider, change one’s mind, to shift one’s ground, to make a turn about…

That is what my beautiful sisters need. They need to retreat from normal life for a while and reconsider how things are going, and how they want things to continue.

Sure, anyone can drink juice for 7 days, but there is a lot more to a detox retreat than simply drinking juice. I can’t begin to tell you of the amazing changes I have watched people make over the course of an Embracing Health Detox Retreat. It’s not just their skin that is glowing, or their eye’s looking brighter, it is a certainness, a clarity that comes when people have the opportunity of stepping out of their normal life. Shaking off the hailstorm of worries that pound down on their heads every moment, I have watched so many people take some deep breaths with eyes wide open, and then make some amazing decisions about how they want to live their lives. The results have been astonishing. So many of our retreat guests have changed their careers, jobs, work hours, relationships, home lives, and not to mention health, after heading home.

Hiker with backpack enjoying valley view from top of a mountain
I know, right? It’s just a detox retreat, what has that got to do with those kinds of life choices? Well I think the saying can’t see the forest for the trees is very apt here. What I have noticed is that Embracing Health Retreats seem to elevate participants above the tree line, and in many cases, the whole forest is laid out in front of them.

You might not come to a retreat looking for these kinds of answers, in fact, you may simply be coming to deal with a particular health problem, to spring clean your body, or to lean how to live a healthier life. But you might just find that during the course of your retreat, answers you have never thought to seek, have presented themselves to you.

That truly is a wondrous and beautiful thing. 🙂



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