The Importance of Iodine

by Leisa on June 10, 2009

It is funny how things happen in synchronicity.  I was just finishing off the main article for my Membership Magazine called “The Importance of Iodine” where I have written a huge expose about the conditions of iodine deficiency and the totally inadequate recommendations given to us about how much iodine to supplement with.  It’s a
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You’re Not Lazy – It’s Your Thyroid!

by Leisa on April 16, 2009

One of the saddest things I hear – and I hear it often – is the way people describe themselves to me in clinic when I ask about their lifestyle habits – sleep, exercise and ability to get things done. You wouldn’t believe how many times I hear – “Oh, to be honest, I’m really lazy. 
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Oprah and her Thyroid

by Leisa on December 11, 2008

It has been in the news that Oprah has gained back 40 pounds that she had previously lost, to now be at a weight of 200 – which is about 90kg, and that she can’t understand how she has let that happen. Well, if Oprah is suffering from an undiagnosed, or badly managed thyroid condition,
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Infuriating, Patronising Doctors

by Leisa on November 30, 2008

Mary Shomon on her thyroid website wrote an article asking for people to write in with the comments that their doctors have made, that infuriated them the most. I have had a few moments of my own when suffering with thyroid problems.  One that easily comes to mind was when I was complaining about how
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Sounds like a bit of a daunting title doesn’t it? This interesting article is by one of my favourite authors, Charles Eisenstein.  I thought it a very good piece, especially seeing as I have suffered myself with auto-immune problems myself, and have seen many people that carry a thought pattern of “self-attack” when suffering from these
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Iodine and White Bread

by Leisa on November 5, 2008

Another source of inspiration for a blog post came again from a Sunday newspaper – honestly I’m going to have to start buying those things purely for the entertainment value! Last weekend there was a story about how many Australians are deficient in iodine, and how nutritionists are advising the government to recommend the addition of
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The Healing of My Thyroid

by Leisa on October 16, 2008

As many of you know I have struggled with thyroid issues for many years, and have been taking natural thyroid replacement for some time. In the past when I have tried to wean off the thyroid support, I have become very ill – that is until recently. Putting together my own retreats has been a
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TSH Reference Ranges

by Leisa on August 15, 2008

Mary Shomon is a fantastic patient advocate for people with thyroid disorders, educating untold numbers of people through her books and her comprehensive website Like myself and many others, Mary suffered from a thyroid condition that was incorrectly treated, and this led her on a journey to recover her health by finding out more about her
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I am a Natural News Author!

by Leisa on June 18, 2008

I just thought I’d let everyone know that my article on fibromyagia has just been published by Natural News, one of the biggest news and information sites on natural medicine there is! I have been a subscriber to Natural News for years, and I really admire the way Mike Adams has put together a huge
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Weighing In on Weight Loss Pt 1

by Leisa on May 28, 2008

Whenever we discuss health and fitness, the subject of weight loss or achieving our ideal weight is always going to be a part of the conversation. Weight is such a huge issue (no pun intended) that we have industries making billions of dollars out of people’s desperation to attain a thin physique.  Often the health
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