Reuniting the Self: Autoimmunity, Obesity, and the Ecology of Health

by Leisa on November 26, 2008

Sounds like a bit of a daunting title doesn’t it?

This interesting article is by one of my favourite authors, Charles Eisenstein.  I thought it a very good piece, especially seeing as I have suffered myself with auto-immune problems myself, and have seen many people that carry a thought pattern of “self-attack” when suffering from these conditions.  Very interesting…

The article starts “Medical diseases have a cultural dimension: the ill health of the individual reveals the ways in which the surrounding culture is not whole. The twin epidemics of our time, obesity and autoimmunity, are symptoms of a deep infirmity in our civilization.

They have level after level of cause, from the proximate biochemical and biophysical mechanisms, to toxic environments, impoverished food, and electromagnetic pollution, to basic patterns of living, thinking, and being in response to modernity, all the way down to the sense-of-self that underlies our civilization.

Each condition shows us something about our society, and what it shows us offers a glimpse of how we might heal these conditions that have proven so intractable to modern medicine. ”

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