Let’s Hope Australia Doesn’t Follow Suit

by Leisa on March 1, 2008

Still on the subject of synthetic hormones for women, I do a lot of work with balancing hormones naturally, and in certain circumstances when a women needs Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, I refer her to a Dr. for this.

In Australia we have what are called Compounding Chemists, which make up to order, capsules, creams or troches for women (and men) utilising Bio-identical Hormones.  This means that what is in the product, is identical to our own natural hormones, and our body accepts it and recognises it as safe.  If used appropriately, these hormone medications do not have the side effects that make the synthetic variety so dangerous.

In the U.S. however, the use of BHRT has come under pressure from one of the major pharmaceutical companies, most likely because they have had declining sales of their synthetic hormones following the studies highlighting their harmful side effects; and many women are turning to BHRT instead.

Here is a short article on this problem in the U.S., and unfortunately over the past few years BHRT has been under attack in the mainstream Australian media more than once.  Let’s hope that our Compounding Chemists can withstand the pressure and fight to keep these valuable alternatives available to the people who need them.



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