Hippocrates is Dead…

by Leisa on April 7, 2008

It is a very sad day today, with the announcement by Ronald Bradley, owner of Hippocrates Health Centre, that he has decided to retire and close the doors of Hippocrates for good.

Many of the hundreds of people that follow my blog and my newsletter, met me when they attended the Hippocrates program, and I know that they will be as shocked and stunned as I am, to learn of the closure of a very successful, viable and profitable business.

It was no secret that Hippocrates has been for sale; and also no secret that I was very keen to purchase Hippocrates – with my background in hospitality, naturopathy and journalism, and working there for over three years, I felt I was perfectly positioned to take Hippocrates to its next level.

However, as I attempted to negotiate the purchase, I soon realised that this was not going to happen.  So I came up with every suggestion you could think of to ensure the rightful progression of the business – I offered to take over the management, to lease the business, to purchase the business while the land was still owned, to purchase a 50% share in the business, to purchase an option to buy say 5 years in the future and manage it in the meantime….

But it was not to be…

Unless you have been to Hippocrates and undertaken the program, you probably don’t realise what a special place it is, and what sort of incredible transformations happen to people when they attend.  For many, it is life-changing – people regain their health, their confidence, their belief in their own ability to heal and to grow and change.  It is empowering for both of us, and so satisfying and rewarding for me to witness.

Programs like Hippocrates are few and far between and it is a devastating blow, not just for myself, who has lost overnight, the work I put my heart and soul into, my passion in life; but for all the regulars who have come to Hippocrates over the years and now have nowhere else to go.

I know many people are going to ask the same question that I am – “why”.  And I’m afraid that I have absolutely no answer to that.

As for me, I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing yet.  I feel like I’ve been kicked to the floor, but as always, I will pick myself up, brush myself off, and go on to bigger and better things.

The best way to keep in touch with me is through my newsletter – you can sign up for it in the top right hand corner of this blog.  There I will be making my announcements about what I will be doing in the future – I have some full day seminars planned for later this year, an exclusive membership site will be coming and there may even be a book in the pipeline!

I wish all of those beautiful people that I have met at Hippocrates over the years, all the very best in ongoing health and happiness.  I hope to catch up with you again somewhere, sometime on this rollercoaster journey we call life…



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caroline taylor April 20, 2008 at 4:32 am

Hi Lisa I was touched by what you wrote about the closure of Hippocrates. I’ve not been there but friends of mine have and indeed it is a big loss. I guess there may be an opportunity if you wish to continue the work under a new name – a fresh new start and new centre with like minded people to work with you. There is a blessing in everything even if its not obvious at first. Take care I’m positive you will prevail. kind regards Caroline

Leisa April 21, 2008 at 1:07 am

Thank you so much Caroline for your kind words, and you’re right, you never do know what opportunities come up in these type of situations. I will keep you posted on whatever new direction I decide to go in…
Thanks again,

Zanna Carey May 14, 2008 at 4:18 am

Hi Leisa,
I met you at Hippocrates in late January, both their advice and yours has served to change my life dramatically, thank you always.
Do you know if Elaine Hollingsworth will still be publishing?
ps I know you will do fine because you care and are deserving x

Leisa May 21, 2008 at 9:08 am

Dear Zanna,

Thanks for your supportive words, they are much appreciated. I’m glad that your life had changed for the better since coming to Hippocrates – well done on making the changes to achieve that!

Elaine and Ronald will still be running their mail-order businesses, it is just the residential program that has closed.

Take care

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