The False Face of Guru-ism

by Leisa on April 28, 2008

When I was younger I always got caught up in thinking that everyone else was better than I was and knew more than I did, and in my own mind I elevated many people onto a pedestal.

I learned very painfully over the years, that very few people are who they appear to be, or who they project to the public, and I found that blatant hypocrisy in people quite a shock.

Now I’m not expecting that everyone has to be perfect, but there is a level of integrity that I think shines through when you are coming from the heart.  I couldn’t in all honesty be a naturopath and teach people about healthy living, if I myself didn’t embrace those principles.  I would feel like a fraud.

It must be very stressful to project one image to the public, and then to live another.

There are those of us who do our best to walk with integrity who can see the false web that people weave around themselves with their own self deception.

There are also those that know all the right words and appear to be conscious and aware, but they have never really done the deep work, the depths of enquiry to meet yourself and know that you are accountable for who you are in this world.

Then we have the “success junkies” who again have missed the point and think that if everyone just did their affirmations and watched “The Secret”, then they would have the perfect life.

Everyone is searching for answers, not only to health concerns, but to the bigger questions in life.  And although there are wonderful, special people out there that can teach us an enormous amount – the most profound insights are found within.

So keep on learning, but also keep in mind that you are just as important and have just as much to offer as the “guru” on the stage.  Have faith in yourself, be open to new information, but also know that we are all struggling along doing the best we can, and there’s no need to ever see yourself as less than anyone else.

That’s not a bad thought for the day 🙂



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