Fraudulent Study Discredits Herbal Remedy

by Leisa on June 13, 2008

Oh this is so typical – why am I not surprised??

Dr. Joseph Biederman, a psychiatrist who seems to have secretly taken $1.6 million dollars in funding from drug companies whilst conducting experiments with psychotropic drugs on children, has been involved in a study to discredit the herb St. John’s Wort.

St. John’s is a beautiful herb that has some truly wonderful benefits in elevating mood and alleviating depression, yet the herb used in the study on ADHD was an inactive form!  Of course it’s not going to show any more benefit that a placebo when the incorrect form of the herb is used.

It is very common that studies done on natural medicine seem to be designed with an end result in mind, which shows herbs and nutrients in a negative light.  More often than not you will find  a study designed using very low dosages of a nutrient, a synthetic form of a nutrient, using the incorrect part of a herb (e.g. the flowers when the root is the part that contains active ingredients), or as in this study, a completely inactive form of the herb was used.

It is like performing a study on herbs for fertility, on women that have had hysterectomies!  Don’t laugh, some of studies that have been done are this ludicrous, and unfortunately the media does not have the discernment to evaluate whether a study is valid or not – and the negative results get reported as truth.

Mike Adams published a great article about this particular study, and the problems with conducting a trial with an inactive herb on a fictitious disorder – ADHD.  It is great reading and you will get a good insight into the machinations of Big Pharma, Big Psychiatry versus natural medicine.




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