The Biggest Loser

by Leisa on March 4, 2009

OK, I confess, I am a closet Biggest Loser fan!  Even though it is a dreadful reality TV show, I love watching the transformation of the people from the start to the end of the show.  The weight loss, the change in the way they look, and in their attitude is quite astounding.

There is a lot of good advice on the show in regards to diet and exercise – but there are also a lot of recommendations that are nothing to do with health and a lot to do with commercialism and the promotion of urban myths about what constitutes healthy food.

This week had me screaming in frustration at the television (not pretty!) when the contestants had the choice of two types of food for the week – the choices were 100% raw, or 100% blended food.  You would have thought they were given the choice between tripe and ox tongue from the reaction of the groups.  It was ridiculous!

Obviously they haven’t been taught anything about the benefits of raw foods or using juices and blended foods like green smoothies for health.  They just parroted bad information from their advisers about how it would be difficult to get the amount of protein they need from raw foods, and the only thing they could think of to blend was milkshakes!  Milkshakes???!!!!

To sit and watch while they spouted a whole lot of incorrect information on raw food, protein requirements and the benefits of low fat milk was more that a raw food naturopath could bear!  If only the producers had have had the foresight to invite me on to the show to teach each group about the benefits of both of those choices, and how to make delicious meals and smoothies with raw ingredients that would give them all the protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and nutrients that they need.  I think I might have to write to the show and make that suggestion for next year, lol.

Protein is such a misunderstood subject, that I have devoted the whole March issue of my Embracing Health Membership Mag to it!  The magazine will be released in the next couple of days as a part of the Embracing Health Membership Club.  Keep watching your inbox for a special invitation to join the Membership Club, for people who are currently signed up for my free fortnightly tips and tidbits mail out. (You can sign up for that on the right hand side column of this site.)



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David March 9, 2009 at 6:48 am

Hi Leisa,

Love your newsletter. Just one comment: don’t you think the info on protein is crucial. you seemed to demonstrate that fact pretty well judging by the reality show and your reaction to it. I appreciate your need to earn a living, but can’t you publish the info in your free newsletter rather than have people pay for it on your exclusive member site?

Just a thought.


Leisa March 26, 2009 at 9:57 pm

Hi David,
Thanks for your feedback – I appreciate your comments. I do give away a lot of free information and am happy to keep doing this on my blog and my Tips & Tidbits mailout that I send out every fortnight – but you are right about the having to make a living part. I put a lot research time and effort into the in-depth articles in my Membership Magazine, as well as offer audio interviews that obviously cost to produce – so it is one way of ensuring that people who are really interested in receiving this information do have the opportunity to have access to it for a very small fee that enables me to keep doing what I do. I also offer specials like the one I sent out in my free newsletter this month where you could access the membership and try it out for a very reduced rate – so I hope you take advantage of that and check-out the protein article and the audio with John Wood this month “Raw for 900 days”.
Warm regards,

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