Buckwheat Porridge

by Leisa on March 14, 2009

Following on from the post “Three Reasons To Eat Buckwheat” I would like to add my own porridge recipe to the one in that post.

Breakfast poses a problem for quite a few raw food eaters if the questions I receive are anything to go by – so I have a few suggestions.  If you don’t like to eat much of a morning, then a Green Smoothie is ideal.  It is liquid, takes less than five minutes to make and is highly nutritious and contains protein and energy to get you going.  You can make enough to have some for breakfast and to take some in a bottle with you to work for morning or afternoon tea.

If you do like to eat and do well on just fruit, then that is also a great option – having a few pieces of fruit or a fruit salad for breakfast is recommended in many raw food, cleansing and food combining diets – suggesting that only fruit should be eaten up until lunch time.

Another option that I have been enjoying lately is Buckwheat Porridge.  The recipe I use is based on one from Alissa Cohen’s book Living on Live Food – I’ve just modified it slightly!

Buckwheat is easy to sprout, it just takes a little planning.  I soak a few cups of it overnight in a large bowl, then drain and rinse the next morning.  Then during the day I turn them frequently so the buckwheat on the bottom of the bowl doesn’t get soggy and ferment.  If you are not home to do that, then I recommend using a sprouting jar that you can tip up and drain properly.  But a bowl that you stir every time you walk past works for me!

Once the seeds (groats) are sprouted, then they can be kep in the fridge for several days.  These are the base of the porridge and I sprout enough in one go to last the week. The recipe is for two people:

(image from Raw Chef Dan)raw-porridge

2 cups sprouted buckwheat
1 apple
Dash of vanilla
Teaspoon of cinnamon

Blend well and add a little bit of hot water if you prefer a warm porridge. Pour into a bowl and add goji berries, raisins, a chopped banana and a tablespoon of pure raw honey if you like.

This is a perfect gluten free / dairy free alternative to porridge or muesli and has a very appealing taste and texture. It is VERY easy and takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and is quite filling for those who prefer a more substantial breakfast.

Buckwheat is alkalising to the body, contains lots of healthy enzymes, fibre, energy and potent bioflavonoids which are wonderful for the circulatory system.

Seeing as winter is on its way, this is a fantastic breakfast alternative that can be made warm or cold.



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