Is it Good or Is it Bad?

by Leisa on April 22, 2009

This week I’ve had a great opportunity to practice what I preach!

In my DVD lecture “The Emotional Aspects of Healing”  I talk about value judgements and how we label situations as “good” or “bad” and then feel accordingly – even though we often don’t know where the bigger picture is leading us and the “bad” may turn out to the best thing that ever happened to us!

I had a small retreat booked at a venue at Byron Bay starting in May.  I had confirmed the booking, had 10 people paid and coming to the retreat with their flights organised etc – and then I was told of an administration error at the venue which meant I could no longer hold my retreat there…  Panic!!!

Even in my anger and upset, I tried really hard to hold on to the fact that this may not be such a bad situation and there is an opportunity in this somewhere – I just had to find it!  I knew how hard it had been to find appropriate accommodation in the first place, so I knew what a hard task I had ahead of me.

After a day of phone calls and searching I knew that Byron Bay was completely out – so I looked further afield – and thought of the Universal Peace Centre where we had just finished the Easter Retreat.  I had to move the dates slightly to fit in with another retreat they had booked – but I got the six nights I needed and I was able to go ahead.

What this meant is that is that I am able to open up the retreat for more bookings now, as the UPC has many more rooms available!  So all those people who missed out on Byron Bay, can now come to Uki and it will end up a great retreat with more people at a fantastic venue.

Is good, is bad?  It just is…. and it ended up GREAT!

So, with the extra people having already booked  in, I have four places left for the May 9th – 15th Embracing Life! Retreat at the beautiful UPC centre in the rainforest at Uki with magnificent views of Mt. Warning.  You can book your place online now at



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