Overcoming the Food Imprint

by Leisa on June 8, 2009

A little while ago I watched a documentary by Valya Boutenko called “Overcoming the Food Imprint – the Origin of Our Cravings” and was very impressed with what she has put together.

Asking questions such as “How can we transform destructive eating patterns and become free of compulsive eating?” and “What can be done to form healthier habits for life in children?” she comes up with very interesting answers – talking with health experts, authors, teachers, psychologists, children, and people on the street.

One part of the film that I found absolutely compelling, was watching the interaction of children at a holistic day care centre in America.  The ladies running the centre were extremely caring and nurturing, but also taught the children at the centre the value of manners and appropriate ways of behaving.  The children were involved in growing a lot of their own food, did sprouting, juices and smoothies, and they ate raw vegan meals when they attended the centre.

Although it may have been pieced together to look this way – it did seem that the children were beautifully well behaved, kind and loving towards one another – playing and having a lot of fun – but without the uncontrolled violence that characterises so much play of children today.

Whether it was the pure food or the teachings or both – it obviously has a remarkable effect on the kids.  I loved the part where they taught the children to eat at the table with their utensils, leaning over their bowl and taking small mouthfuls at a time so they didn’t make a mess!   Awesome!

It is clear that the imprints we make early in our lives with regards to food, are those that subconsciously stay with us for life – and can end up our bad habits, our comfort foods and our addictions.  Awareness of course means we can do something about it – but how much easier would it be if we were imprinted with healthy foods from an early age?

If you get the chance to have a look at this neat DVD, I’d encourage you to do so.  It is sold in Australia at Raw Pleasure and you can purchase it here:



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