Art of Organic Raw Gourmet Food Preparation

by Leisa on May 18, 2010

I’ve been to several of Anand and Runi’s Food Preparation classes over the years, and they run very professional and informative seminars on the Art of Organic Raw Gourmet Food Preparation.

Their upcoming events are being held:

5th June, Gold Coast
7th August, Melbourne
2nd October, Brisbane

During the seminar you will learn how to:

•Create sumptuous organic raw meals with minimal preparation
•Become vibrantly healthy without sacrificing taste or pleasure
•Lose weight while you eat like a king or queen
•Free yourself of disease and ailments without medication
•Develop eating habits that bring you a sense of inner peace & wellbeing
•Free your children of many so-called behavioural problems

The classes are well worth attending if you would like to learn more about creating healthful and delicious raw food at home.



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