When Does the Government Own Our Body?

by Leisa on June 5, 2009

Scarily enough, there are circumstances when they do…

As far as I am concerned, no-one and I mean NO-ONE has the right to tell me what I can and can’t do with my own body.  That means that if “compulsory vaccination” for one, is introduced, I will be standing up against it due to “religious” reasons which may be the only way I can get out of it.

It horrifies me that people who have the ability to pass laws on health and enforce them, have very little knowledge on health and healing and are just repeating the line that is given them by the pharmaceutical industry.  There is nowhere that this is more prevalent than in the cancer industry.  Every day adults are bullied into barbaric therapies by medical practitioners who know nothing of alternative treatments – and in the United States, and yes, in Australia too – if you refuse chemotherapy for a child with cancer, you are acting against the law.

The law determines what type of treatment your child must receive – even if that child is old enough to make informed decisions about his or her own body.  I could rant for hours on this subject because I believe very strongly in the right to choose what happens to our body, and that this is one of the fundamental rights that we cannot give up in this day and age of government interference in our lives.

Of course we want to see children given the best option possible for health and healing, and we don’t want to see children neglected by parents who are “anti-medicine” for the sake of it, without also seeing them strongly pursuing genuine alternative treatments.  However I believe that making chemotherapy compulsory for children with cancer is an extremely dangerous practice and gives too much power to law-makers who know nothing about the healing capabilities of the human body.

One case that is making headlines in America is that of Daniel Hauser, a 13 year old boy who’s mother has been made criminally  negligent for refusing toxic chemotherapy treatments for her son.  Read more about this incredible story at Natural News



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