The “Stupor-market”

by Leisa on July 25, 2009

Oh how I love this phrase from UK Raw Foodie, Shazzie!

It describes exactly what most supermarket food is all about.  If junk food affects our brain (see post “The Twinkie Defense“) then “Stupor-market” is the perfect term for shops where the majority of the food is packaged, processed and devoid of nutrients and life.

I am a shocking “trolley watcher” and had better watch out that someone doesn’t thump me one day!  When I get the few things that I need from the “stupor-market” I have a good look at what other people are buying, and it always shocks me!

Litres upon litres of soft-drink, milk, frozen pizza’s, packet mixes, breads and pastries etc – piled high in the trolley with barely a fresh vegie in sight!  I feel like tapping people on the shoulder and asking them if they realise what that food is doing to them!  But I don’t, because that’s not polite :-)

Is anyone else a trolley watcher like me?



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Suzi Manuel August 5, 2009 at 8:08 am

Yes, I am a shocker at that. My kids can read my thoughts when we’re at the checkout as my eyes scan the trolley’s around me. They’re just waiting for me to say something one day, but they would die of embarrassment in the process, so best I zip it, as you said Leis that wouldn’t be polite! But seriously there are so many people you could help if you could spend time educating them about food, I look at the trolley, then the person’s body shape, then I look at their eyes and skin, it’s all a reflection of what’s in that trolley. It’s hard not to want to help them.

Leisa August 20, 2009 at 11:34 pm

Suzi, I had to laugh! Yes it is best to zip it to remain polite and not cause a problem! But yes, you can often see such a strong correlation between what is in someone’s trolley and how they look – not as a judgement – but as an observation that what they are choosing to eat is not contributing to their health and well-being. I wish I could be a trolley watch-dog and stop people as they line up and take them back into the shop to replace all the baddies with goodies!!! Do you think there might be a calling for that?

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