More Thyroid Misinformation…

by Leisa on November 8, 2009

Mary Shomon – Jeff Mason, who runs a health care system in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, exemplifies the typical uninformed attitude about thyroid disease and the connection to weight loss, in his guest article at the Green Bay Press Gazette, titled “Pay For Nature – Not Nurture”

Mason asserts that “The reality is that very little obesity in the U.S. is actually caused by thyroid or other medical problems.”

Currently, we have an estimated 60 million Americans with thyroid problems. The vast majority of them have yet to be diagnosed, much less treated. Since undiagnosed and untreated thyroid problems can cause weight gain and obesity, to cavalierly dismiss thyroid problems as Mr. Mason has done — not to mention, to oversee health care systems that provide lackluster treatment at best of those thyroid patients who have already been diagnosed — is uninformed and irresponsible — yet far too common.

Last I checked, Mr. Mason’s credentials — FACHE (Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives) — do not qualify him to be diagnosing thyroid conditions, or determining whether thyroid disease is a contributing factor to weight gain.

It’d be interesting to see how quickly Mr. Mason would change his tune if he, like many thyroid patients (not to mention others with metabolic and hormonal issues, including diabetics) found himself working out many hours a week, eating 1,000 calories a day or less, and gaining weight every day.

Sadly, Mr. Mason’s guest column exemplifies the lackadaisical, blame-the-patient attitude that many health care managers and physicians have about diagnosing thyroid problems, especially in people who are overweight. Poor diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease is one direct cause of the nation’s increasing problems with obesity, depression, and heart disease. Mr. Mason should spend more time looking at the implications of failing to diagnose and treat thyroid disease properly, and less time pontificating about personal choice.



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Maria December 19, 2010 at 9:53 am

Hi Leisa – great site! My daughter suffers from severe hypothyroidism and we have spent many thousands of dollars trying to get help for her, especially with the hair loss problem. Doctors have so much to answer for as does the corrupt medical system! How trusting have we all been? I don’t know if you have researched this, but I believe the worst culprit is aspartame. We RARELY had soft drinks in our home and we have always eaten well, but when our daughter left home to live independently, she ‘enjoyed’ copious amounts of diet coke. The result> You guessed it!
Incidentally, a friend’s son is also sick, supposedly with MS, but he followed a similar pattern of coke consumption. I think he in fact has aspartame poisoning! We all need to highlight the dangers of aspartame to the world. We owe it to our children.

Leisa January 2, 2011 at 5:12 am

Hi Maria,
I’m sorry to hear that your daughter has been suffering from severe hypothyroidism – it is such a debilitating problem to have. Dcotors often have no answers, that’s for sure. The link between asapartame and many severe diseases is well documented, so it’s no surprise that there is something like this that has been the trigger for your daughters issue. Hopefully she is off it now and has started to recover – and your friend’s son – I hope they are getting the right help and advice to get well, as aspartame poisoning can be reversed. Let me know how she goes.

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