Stop Classifying Food as Drugs!

by Leisa on November 20, 2009

Why oh why does the government want to regulate our food as drugs?

“The difference between a food and a drug is crystal clear:  One is natural and one is man-made synthetic and prone to side effects. If they get away with classifying foods as medicine, prices of nutritional ‘superfoods’ like chlorella and spirulina will go through the roof.  The level of control is getting very ridiculous…. and yet when it comes to the Big Pharma companies, they get away with blue murder…. and the taxpayer usually pays for it!”

The TGA explanation is below:

“In Australia, it has long been recognised that there is a legislative ‘interface’, or overlap, between foods and medicines for human oral consumption. As the food and complementary medicine sectors have evolved over recent years, a ‘grey area’ has unintentionally developed at this food-medicine interface. The confusion is due to certain areas of food legislation and therapeutic goods legislation overlapping in such a way that makes it difficult to determine which legislation should be applied in many cases.”

The TGA says it is confusing trying to determine a drug from a food so they want to use a blanket approach to regulate all food and natural supplements as drugs, full stop!

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